FitDog Puppy Booster drink powder

Puppy Booster is used for lactating bitches to ensure proper rehydration levels. The product can also be used for puppies to teach them the important drinking routines already at early age.

Special needs of bitches when nursing the puppies

  • When the bitch is feeding the puppies, the adequate intake of water is very important.
  • 78% of milk consists of water. The biggest need for water is 3-4 weeks after giving birth
  • In case the bitch is not drinking enough, it might limit the production of milk
  • Extra rehydration is recommended for lactating bitches

Special needs of the puppies

  • The body temperature of a dog rises quickly
  • Dogs dehydrate at a much quicker rate than humans do, because they have sweat glands only on their nose and feet
  • Exercise increases the need for rehydration
  • Warm weather increases the possibility for dehydration but it can occur also during winter time !
  • For the wellbeing of all dogs, it is important to teach them the drinking routines already at young age

Product contains over 50 % vegetable fat which is easily digestible energy for a dog. The product also contains fast absorbing carbohydrates and protein.

Mix the powder with water by shaking it in a bottle. Mixed drink is mushy and according to our taste tests the drink is very tasty even for picky dogs.

Package size 250g. One package gives 33 servings for a 10kg dog.

 Ingredients: fat powder (vegetable fat), soy protein
Additives: meat flavour

Nutritional value per 100 g
Metabolizable energy2,5 MJ / 587 kcal
Fat53,7 g
Protein20,3 g
Carbohydrate17,1 g
Ash2,8 g
Raw fibre1,1, g
Sodium0,5 g

Instructions for lactating bitches: Examples of daily doses: 5kg dog, 0,5 table spoons of powder in 1dl of water; 10kg dog, 1 tbs of powder in 2dl of water. Daily dosage can be given with food or separately once a day or divided into several times a day. Give maximum 5dl drink at once for larger dogs.

Instructions for puppies: Familiarize the puppy to drink Puppy Booster small dosages daily or couple of times a week. Daily dosge for a puppy can be given with food or separately once a day or divided into several times a day. Puppy’s weight 5 kg, 0,5 tbs of powder in 1 dl of water. Puppy’s weight 10 kg, 1 tbs of powder in 2 dl of water. Puppy Booster should not compensate the normal food given. When following the instructions, puppy booster covers max. 5% of the daily diet.