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wellness 5Why does your dog need the FitDog products ?

  • Water is the most important nutritional ingredient for dogs
  • Dogs can manage several weeks without food but already 10% loss of hydration is fatal to dogs
  • Dogs usually drink only when they are thirsty.
  • Dogs are not able to prepare themselves to situations when extra rehydration would be necessary. These kind of situations are for example physical exercise, warm weather, recovering from surgery, travelling and giving birth
  • Products we recommend for the wellbeing and rehydration of all dogs: FitDog Energy & Rehdyrate

Taking care of the rehydration levels of the dog


  • The body temperature of a dog rises quickly
  • Dogs dehydrate at a much quicker rate than humans do, because they have sweat glands only on their nose and feet.
  • Exercise increases the need for rehydration
  • Warm weather increases the possibility for dehydration but it can occur also during winter time !
  • In general, dog needs 0,5-1dl/kg of water -> dog weighting 20 kilos needs 1 litre of water daily
  • Exercise and warm weather increases the need for water !
  • Already 3-4% of dehydration influences the physical performance of the dog
  • 7-8% of dehydration can be dangerous and needs medical treatment


shutterstock_186447632Special needs of bitches when nursing the puppies

  • When the bitch is feeding the puppies, the adequate intake of water is very important.
  • 78% of milk consists of water. The biggest need for water is 3-4 weeks after giving birth
  • In case the bitch is not drinking enough, it might limit the production of milk

old dog2Special needs of dogs recovering from surgeries and illness

  • The owner needs to make sure the dog drinks enough and help the sick dog in drinking if needed
  • Vomiting and diarrhea increase the need of rehydration



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