Frequently asked questions about the FitDog products

When should you use nutritional supplements?

The products provide nutritional supplements for active dogs that are exposed to physical exercise, but they cannot replace daily nutrition of good quality. Nutritional supplements are suitable for use during training, competitions and other physical activities.

The Energy & Rehydrate product is used before the exercise to load up on energy and during the exercise day for extra energy. If only rehydration is required it can be diluted. The Recovery product is used after the exercise day when the dog is no longer exposed to physical exercise. The recovery drink should be given to the dog as soon as possible after the exercise.

Are the products safe?

The products are safe, but they should not be used continuously in every day life as they are meant to be used only in connection with heavy exercise.

Can the products be given to puppies and nursing bitches?

The products can be given to puppies as well as pregnant and nursing bitches.

I compete in agility with my dog. What is the best way for me to use the products?

Before a heavy exercise or a competition, you can give some Energy & Rehydrate drink to your dog to load up on energy and to ensure proper rehydration. If the competition takes place on Saturday you can give the dog a few decilitres of the drink on Thursday evening, Friday morning, Friday evening and on Saturday morning. You can give the drink to your dog between the courses during the competition.

In case your dog does not need extra energy but only rehydration, you can flavour water with small amounts of the powder to make it tastier for your dog.

What does a hunting dog gain from using the products?

Hunting dogs are like endurance athletes who are exposed to long-term physical stress. The days of hunting are long and the dog cannot eat any solid food during the day. Heavy exercise increases the dog’s need for hydration, so you must take care of rehydrating your dog properly during the hunting season. In order to maintain good energy levels and proper fluid balance, you can give some Energy & Rehydrate drink to your dog a few days before you go hunting and during hunting. After hunting you can give some Recovery drink to your dog to ensure that it recovers from the intensive day and is able to continue hunting.

Is it possible to use food to make the drink more tasteful?

Usually dogs will have the drink as such because the product has an aroma of meat, but you can add some meat or other food to make it tastier.

How do I give the drink to my dog for example during a competition or a day of hunting?

You can mix the drink in the morning for example in a sports drink bottle or a shaker which is easy to carry with you in all conditions. The Energy product contains a lot of fat, so it is best to keep the ready drink as cold as possible.

Why is it that the product does not dissolve very well?

The main ingredient of the Energy product is fat which of course does not dissolve in water very easily. The main ingredient of the Recovery product is maltodextrin which does not dissolve well either. The best way to mix the powder with water is to shake it in a sports drink bottle for example.

Why does the product contain salt?

Both products contain a small amount of salt which is in the meat aroma. However, the amount is so small that it has no adverse effect on the dog.

What kind of fat is used in the Energy product?

The fat powder in the Energy product is vegetable fat, palm oil. Based on many studies, this form of fat can be utilized very rapidly at the initiation of exercise. Our products do not contain anything of animal origin. Even the meat aroma is synthetic and does not contain any ingredients of animal origin.