Customer experiences

We own and breed workingline German Shepherds. Our kennel is 
called From Kyars Home.I train 3 dogs  in IPO, 2 in agility and 
2 in sheepherding. For me it is very important that they get 
the best products to their wellbeing. Before Fitdog my male
 had always muscle pain after bitework. A friend recommended me 
to try FitDog.I was a bit sceptical about it, but from the first 
time I gave it, he had no muscle pain anymore. 

They can concentrate much better and their endurance is also better. 
I'm very happy my friend recommended FitDog!

Angela Mathijssen

I tested Energy + Rehdyrate to my golden retriever that got 7 puppies. The mother has been in excellent shape all the time, she has eaten well and the coat is fine.

The powder tastes very delicious, there has been no problems in the production of milk. I have also earlier used FitDog in training and during warm weather.

All together a very nice experience and I will use the products for mother dogs also in the future !


Tiina Ståhlberg

First I read about FitDog on internet and later, thanks to czech distributor, I was also able to test it with my dogs.In fact I am demanding my dogs high level performance. Agility is not just a run, but it also require a lot of traveling, competiting and training in different condition (weather, surface,…) all year long. I do my best to keep my dogs in ideal condition – they swim a lot, we take them for long hikes and also we do a lot of other different trainings. Also I am very careful about the quality of their diet. They are ready to do the best for me anytime, so I try to be the same…

FitDog products worked very well with my dogs. Among other it helped to manage competition with Kiki in very hot weather which she is not easy with. But with FitDog she was really great.


Martina Magnoli Klimešová

I have used FitDog Energy + Rehydrate over a year for my corgies, I have 4 of them. My dogs are show dogs and I go to many shows in Finland and abroad. I give Energy + Rehydrate the evening before the show and also in the morning on the show day. In case we make it to the group contest, I give them more drink before that.

My friends say that it seems my corgies use a power drink as they are so energetic and motivated in the ring!
Flying corgies on the road !


Eva Rajamäki

Jakub is the Agility World Champion 2014 Czech Team member.

I found FitDog thanks to my friend Mika Lindberg from Finland who was representing Finland on FCI IPO WC 2013 close to my home in Roudnice nad Labem. Mika left me some stuff and already the first use in training made a visible change with our dogs.

While my young bitch of groenendael which I compete in agility and dogfrisbee is very temperamentic and in a good condition so she is not really the one that needs more energy… Nevertheless thanks to FitDog energy & Rehydrate I can lower the amount of normal dogfood during the competition weekend so Kuky can compete without “handicap” of full stomach (but still with sufficient income of energy). Big difference I can see in using FitDog Recovery, which really fasten the recovery after hard day. Thanks to it We could easily manage 4 hard days on FMBB or simular agility “marathon on European Open in hot Hungary…


Jakub Štýbr