FitDog Finland Ltd is founded in January 2012. The mission of the company is to develop and produce high quality nutritional supplements for the wellbeing all dogs.

All our products are developed in Finland in collaboration with veterinary and food technology experts. Products are tested and manufactured in Finland.

Our current family of products include FitDog Energy & Rehydration Drink which is used for extra energy and rehydration before and during training and for rehydration in various situations (nursing of puppies, recovering from surgery, warm weather, travelling).  For the recovery we have Recovery Potato product which is designed for post exercise recovery for dogs in different sports. Currently we are working on new products designed for the wellbeing of all dogs.

We are looking for partners and dealers in USA and Europe.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in FitDog products.

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FitDog Finland Ltd (VAT 24699522)
PL 75



Laura Strömberg
CEO, Ph.D.
+358 50 5015522

Laura is the founder of FitDog and the company was started because of the needs of Laura’s own dogs. Laura has been an active dog enthusiast since year 1996. Currently she has belgian shepherds and dachshunds at home.

Senior Advisers:

Minna Leppänen, Ph.D Veterinary sciences
Jukka Kaitaranta, Ph. D, Dos. Food technology sciences
Riitta Kempe, M.Sc (Agriculture)